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Storage Upheaval

Tea leaves ain't got a thing on some of the economic forecasting and analyzing we've been reading since the global markets burped after the Chinese upset a few weeks ago.

Here's what we do know:

  • Possible changes in the way China handles capital gains spooked markets around the world, resulting in a 420-point loss for the Dow Jones average. (See Chinese Shockwaves.)
  • Chinese investors are the largest holders of American debt.
  • Closer to home in Storageville, Dell has had a crap year lost marketshare, executive turnover, and an ongoing accounting investigation that the company said has already cost it $89 million... not fines, but "investigation fees," I guess. (See Dell Details Ongoing 'Pressure'.) The uneven availability of hard drives is also playing havoc with its PC business, and apparently allowed HP to overtake Dell for market leadership.
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