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Storage Pipeline: Backup Strategies, Solutions and Architecture

Tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of the World Trade Center have combined with increased data complexity and government regulation to sharpen the focus on backup strategies. It's no longer just about making a safe copy of your data. It's about backup windows, restoration times, security management, information lifecycle and, perhaps most important, how to fit all this into a 24/7/365 service model.

The storage industry has been quick to develop new technologies in response to these issues: D2D (disk-to-disk), D2D2T (disk-to-disk-to-tape), CDP (continuous data protection) and

VTLs (virtual tape libraries), to name a few. When we asked readers where they store their most recent backups/snapshots, 41 percent said disk or VTL, compared with 38 percent choosing tape. CDP systems came in third, at 10 percent. These new technologies may be useful for solving specific problems in the increasingly complex world of data protection, but can--or should--they displace tried-and-true tape backups?

How confident are you in your current data-protection strategy?
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