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Storage Pipeline: Analysis: Storage Security

Storage is the new soft spot. If we're seeing a major loss of data at rest every few months, you can be sure smaller thefts are happening, undetected or unreported. And once again, the good guys are playing catch-up: While most now recognize storage as a vital link in the security chain, we still lack consensus on how to proceed.

One thing is clear, though: The cost of lost data and damage to systems--and the PR nightmare when leaks occur--are too much for most companies to bear without a risk-avoidance plan. A significant loss of even marginally critical information could land a small firm in such a legal mess that it may as well shut its doors.

Fortunately, it seems the message is getting through. In a recent poll of more than 600 readers, 70 percent said their organizations recognize the need for storage-specific security. The bad news? Fewer than 10 percent are very satisfied with current security systems and processes. And the age-old tension between IT groups is still in play: A lack of communication and understanding between security and SAN staffs was cited as the chief barrier to effective enterprise storage security.

The Problem

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