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Storage Managers Arise!

You know better than I that storage these days is about a lot more than just tapes and disks. The job has gotten a lot more complicated, a lot more crucial to the enterprise, and -- I hope -- a lot more interesting. The pressure is on, and maybe someday the pay will follow (joke).

No longer can an IT administrator or storage manager just add more tapes and disks, and sort of know where to find things. The issues and challenges and new technologies have become much too important. All of the slick new applications and services that companies are introducing internally and externally rely on instant access to data -- data that you are responsible for storing and retrieving.

And that's just the opening act. Let's not forget issues like data center sprawl, the cost of powering and cooling data centers, the growing importance of backing up and archiving data, the ability to quickly produce anything from an entire database to an email thread in response to a lawsuit to a single financial transaction. Do you want to be responsible for your company getting hit with a big fine because you couldn't produce thousands of emails from five years ago in a few days, or maybe even see your CEO go to jail for that same reason (don't answer that one out loud).

And then there are the new technologies, strategies, and tactics the vendors and consultants and analysts are pushing to adopt -- yesterday. Do you know everything you need to know about virtualization? About spin-down disks? About e-discovery? About security, continuous data protection, data de-duplication, and global storage management?

If you don't now, you better soon -- your job depends on it.

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