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Startup Shifts Applications

Canadian startup Trigence Corp. announced its first product today -- a software product with the ability to drag-and-drop applications from one part of an IT infrastructure to another.

The Ottawa-based company's product, AE 2.1, uses a combination of C, C++, and Java to "wrap" individual data center applications and move them to a central database or another server. This removes the need to manually reinstall the applications.

Trigence was founded
just over two years ago, and has so far received $6.1 million in funding from VenGrowth Investment Fund Inc., BDC Venture Capital, Axis Investment Fund, and Sbemco International.

Trigence has decided to target data centers in mid-sized companies in North America and Europe.

Trigence is marketing the technology as a way of removing data center complexity by isolating the application from the server and the operating system on which it runs. The application is then moved quickly via a graphical user interface (GUI) to the data base or other servers.

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