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SNW Cool Stuff

Well, I'm about 80% done with SNW, and it's time to check in and let you know about the cool stuff I've seen and heard.
Focused and roaring - Adaptec. They've got a lot coming down the pike, and you'll be pleased with what you find. They are really serious about "we needed to focus" when asked about the storage group, which is cool, it sure seems like they know where they're going.

Cool and growing - Blue Arc. NAS head on a SAN backend with some high-performance implications. We'll be staying in touch with them so we're set to bring you stories when they're set to release (and our lab is up to the task). They make some bold claims, I want to see how well they fulfill them.

Still Friggin' Cool - QLogic. I still like the QLogic personal SAN thing they threw together with Seagate and Studio Network Solutions. Expensive for you and I to throw on your LAN at home, but it is cool. They're coming up with things too, we'll keep you posted. For the most part they seemed to be digesting the Troika acquisition.

Cool, but you don't know it yet - Infortrend. After discsussions with Infortrend, Howard and I decided that they need to spread the word. Cool storage products in a high-volume market, and some OEM wins, but no one has heard of them. They've got a new PR firm, we'll see if they get the word out.

Cool, in that old-school storage company sorta way - Quantum. They're still doing what they hear their customers need, we're going to drag them into the lab and see if they're delivering.

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