• 04/10/2006
    11:57 PM
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Is Skype's Asia-Pac Voodoo Ebay's Magic?

Buried in a survey on IM adoption by comScore Networks, was a little tidbit that might shed some light on why Ebay gobbled up Skype last fall....

What's more Skype's real time communication network provides some intriguing opportunities pushing auctions out to the client. Ebay could extend the Skype interface with an "auction" tab that lets Ebay notify Skype users of new bid opportunities. Alternatively, another tab could allow Skype users to monitor existing bids.

Such a strategy may depend on the success of corporate decisions to kill Skype or countries, such as China, to block VoIP entirely. Only then will we know whether the $4.1 billion Ebay spent on Skype was a grand rip-off or a bargain basement, price grab.

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