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The Skype-Mylo Connection: Ready To Crash And Burn?

Sony's new mylo instant messaging/calling device includes Skype so you can make VoIP calls using Wi-Fi networks. Yes, it sounds cool...but I think this one is going to crash and burn, so I don't think Skype will be a big winner here.
The mylo will include Wi-Fi, and comes preloaded with Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger. You can also use its built-in Opera browser to surf the Web. It will be available in September, and most likely cost around $350.

Sad to say, but I think this one has loser written all over it. First off, you can't use it to play games. I can't see a $350 handheld device that won't play games ever being a winner.

And sure, you can use it for instant messaging...but it won't work with the biggest IM network in the world, AOL Instant Messenger. It also won't work with MSN Messenger, which also has a massive user base. And it won't work with ICQ, big with the international crowd.

That means that the vast majority of its target audience won't want to use it.

The Skype connection is very nice, but of course, you'll need to be near a hot spot to use the device to make Skype calls.

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