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Sift Shows Potential

Prerequisite software is easily obtained and installed through handy links provided in Sift's installation document. For my tests, the target server had .Net redistributable 1.0 and .Net Framework SP2, so all that was required was a quick download and installation of the .NET J# redistributable (required because Sift's server-side components were developed in J#).

Once Sift was installed, I was prompted to log in. Normally, I wouldn't mention such a mundane step, but this is one area where Sift needs some work. There is no administration required for users because there is no user administration.

While Sift takes advantage of integrated windows authentication through IIS in regard to access to Web services, this does not apply to users of the Sift
console. Service Integrity is aware of this issue and is working on a more integrated solution for user administration.

• In-depth monitoring of .Net Web services

• Real-time dashboard and alerts
• Centralized console


• Impossible to modify some configuration aspects after installation
• .Net-only (a J2EE version is in the works)

• Lacks user management and authentication required to create new user

Sift, $2,000 per CPU. Service Integrity, (617) 965-0281.

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