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Schools Sign With Xiotech

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Xiotech Corporation today announced that Connecticut's Norwich Public Schools signed a contract in January for Xiotech Archive Management Services. Through the hosted service, the school district's student records will be scanned and managed electronically through a central point of contact, providing a more sustainable, secure and cost-effective records management program.

With nine elementary and two middle schools, Norwich Public Schools is the largest K-8 school district in Connecticut. It also has two day-treatment facilities, one alternative high school and a separate designated high school, which is not under its direct jurisdiction. The district has nearly 400 employees.

Connecticut state law requires districts to keep all student records for seven years after graduation. After seven years, school district officials must inform parents or guardians that their children's records will be destroyed, offering to send the files before destruction.

Norwich Public Schools currently has more than 1,750 files of student records and estimates it adds 225 files every year. The process of locating more than 200 seven-year-old individual student files each year and then ensuring proper destruction of the records was time-consuming and increasingly expensive.

"We needed a simpler, secure, yet affordable, way to manage our student records," said Pamela Aubin, superintendent of Norwich Public Schools. "Xiotech was the most cost effective vendor that offered us the records management technology and services we were looking for through a hosted service. This approach was appealing because we did not need to make an upfront investment in our own technical infrastructure, and we could easily budget for the service since the monthly fee was established before the project began."

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