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Rugby Club Adopts Asigra

TORONTO and LONDON -- Asigra Inc., the leader in remote
backup and recovery software for enterprises and service providers, today
announced that its online solution is being deployed by Datastore365 for
Northampton Saints RFC. The Northampton Saints are one of the United
Kingdoms leading rugby football clubs. Datastore365 carries out automated
backups on a continual basis for Northampton Saints, primarily to protect
the Club’s sensitive and critical data, including video analysis
(researching the opposition’s tactics and training the players), retail data
from the two stadium shops, emails, all files including players’ contracts
and medical records, and accounting data.

Having experienced a major data loss two years ago that directly affected
the Club’s business, the Saints needed to ensure that in the event of a
systems failure this information would be protected and quickly restorable
to allow for business continuity. The Club realized that this would require
replacing its tape-based backup solution and migrating to an automated and
online system that would allow the fast retrieval of lost data with minimal
disruption to the business.

“Nobody ever believes a disaster will happen to them, but when it does it
can cripple your business and you need to be ready,” said Brian Facer, head
of marketing, Northampton Saints. “We experienced a major IT disaster first
hand in 2005 and lost data critical to the running of the club, which
spurred us on to move from corrupt and manual tape-based backup – which had
proved to be unreliable, slow and open to human errors – to online backup
with Datastore365. Using Asigra’s software, which is automated and
reliable, we can restore our data within minutes if needed. Datastore365 –
working with its local partner, ACS Office Solutions – now supports us in
every area of IT and every time we have given Datastore365 a task it has
been fulfilled, giving me the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy and focus
on my core role for the Saints.”

Asigra Inc.