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rPath Enables "Lean" Application Delivery For Fujitsu

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--rPath, an innovator in automating application deployment and maintenance, today announced that Fujitsu has adopted its release automation platform to automate and standardize the process of creating, provisioning and maintaining software systems across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

"Fujitsu is very focused on methods and tools which enhance our productivity and quality of application solutions we develop, thus reducing costs and risks of delay in delivering internally and to our clients. Our Apt Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) environment comprehensively supports our development teams throughout development," said Clive Underhill, Apt deployment manager for Fujitsu UK and Ireland. "rPath is now an integral part of our strategy, providing a powerful solution for automating and standardizing how we turn applications into deployable systems and how we maintain and re-use these deployed systems over time. For most companies this is a manual, cumbersome process. rPath's approach to release automation will help us accelerate development and testing, and bring forward the realization of business value of the developed solutions. It is fully compatible with our strategy for exploitation of highly responsive, lean IT practices."

Fujitsu develops and deploys thousands of custom and commercial applications as part of the software solutions it delivers to enterprise clients.

The rPath release automation platform is becoming a part of Fujitsu's Apt--a lean application delivery initiative. According to Fujitsu's description of this initiative, Apt "... integrates a set of industry-leading tools with a Practice-based composable methodology, allowing each project to employ just the right amount of process and tooling to safely and efficiently deliver the project's goals within budgets and specified timescales. Apt reduces cost and risk, while increasing business value by delivering applications more aligned to business needs."

The rPath release automation platform will give Fujitsu the flexibility to deploy applications to any target execution environment--physical, virtual and cloud environments, internally and externally. That means Fujitsu can package an application once with rPath and deploy it anywhere with no reengineering or other rework.

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