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Rolling Review: Nimsoft Nimbus

The Upshot

Nimsoft Nimbus is far less expensive in terms of initial purchase and implementation cost and ongoing administration compared with other management products on the market, while also offering superior scalability. This enables fast deployment and end-to-end service-level management of an enterprise's entire application infrastructure.
Organizations are typically forced to choose between costly enterprise-class software from big vendors or working with smaller software providers that may offer some compelling features, but limited scalability as the environment grows.
Nimbus is the first product that we've seen that can offer enterprise scalability for application performance management at a rock-bottom price. The product still requires some time from a skilled software engineer to install and customize, but it doesn't need constant care and feeding.

Nimsoft Nimbus

For the fifth installment of our ongoing application performance management software review, we brought Nimsoft's Nimbus into our labs. Nimsoft compares favorably with larger enterprise software vendors by offering scalable APM at prices well below its nearest competitors.

Nimbus focuses on real-time systems monitoring and reporting; service-level agreement definition, monitoring and reporting; and end-to-end response-time measurements. All these metrics are presented via a configurable and customizable business service and operations performance dashboard.

To collect data from your application environment, Nimbus relies on a variety of agents and polling methods, but it does not employ the network traffic monitoring seen in earlier reviews. Out of the box, popular applications including Microsoft Exchange, IIS and Active Directory are monitored via Nimbus agents, or "probes" in Nimsoft-speak. Additional probes for WebSphere, Citrix and SAP are available. Nimsoft also tracks a variety of functions specific to Windows, Unix and Linux systems as well as all common databases, and it monitors network operations.

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