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RedCannon Intros KeyPoint

FREMONT, Calif. -- RedCannon Security, a trusted provider of centrally-managed, secure mobile-access solutions for the enterprise, today announced KeyPoint Armor, delivering centralized management and reporting capabilities, and providing enhanced support for hardware encryption technology on SanDisk USB flash drives.

"The RedCannon infrastructure converts stand-alone SanDisk flash drives into manageable fleets of corporate assets, uniting mobile efficiency with data security," said Joerg Ferchau, director of strategic business development at SanDisk. "This combined solution enhanced with the RedCannon management capabilities empowers IT professionals with the ability to monitor and control devices in their efforts to enforce regulatory compliance, protect corporate reputation and empower the mobile workforce."

Developed for security-conscious organizations, particularly in the banking, accounting and legal markets that need to comply with strict industry regulations; KeyPoint Armor supports hardware-based encryption directly within the RedCannon KeyPoint secure USB infrastructure. The hardware-level security protects against file deletion and tampering by forbidding access to flash prior to authentication. KeyPoint Armor extends the benefits of remote control and management to the latest generation of flash drives equipped with hardware encryption. Its full USB lifecycle management delivers policy-based control over the provisioning, securing, managing and disabling of corporate flash drives.

"With the credibility of SanDisk as one of the largest suppliers of USB flash drives, RedCannon is very pleased to develop KeyPoint Armor in conjuction with SanDisk to help enterprise customers achieve the right balance between reduced risk and employee productivity optimization," said Vimal Vaidya, CEO at RedCannon Security. "KeyPoint Armor solution allows organizations to successfully implement and enforce compliance policies around mobile storage without diminishing security while letting users enjoy flexibility and ubiquitous availability of USB flash drives."

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