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Readers Wouldn't Buy Security Products From Microsoft

Microsoft's latest security initiative, "Securing the Perimeter," shows it hasn't given up in its battle against hackers and virus writers. But it appears the software giant has a long ways to go to win the trust of InternetWeek readers.

An overwhelming majority of respondents to an InternetWeek QuickPoll said they weren't interested in the security products the Redmond, Wash., company plans to sell as part of its new initiative, which is the most significant security announcement since Chairman Bill Gates unveiled the company's "Trustworthy Computing" plans in January 2002.

Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows operating system makes it the favorite target for malevolent code writers, whose cyberattacks this summer damaged corporate networks and hundreds of thousands of home PCs.

To combat future attacks, the company is working on a series of security products for the enterprise, possibly to include intrusion-detection, firewall and anti-virus products. Microsoft is also expected to launch a subscription-based anti-virus service for consumers using technology it acquired when it bought Romanian anti-virus vendor GeCAD.

But only a meager 18 percent, or 164 of the 889 respondents to's unscientific poll, said yes when asked if they would buy security products from Microsoft. The remaining 82 percent, or 725 respondents, said no.

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