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Readers Pick Their Interconnect

The people have spoken -- well, some people have spoken. About 127 Byte and Switch readers so far have weighed in on our recent poll on high-speed storage and data center interconnects.

And it looks as if a sizeable number are contemplating 10-Gbit/s Ethernet (10GbE), though many are also thinking about InfiniBand and/or 4- or 8-Gbit/s Fibre Channel.

Here's a rundown in tabular form:

Table 1: Byte and Switch Poll: What's Your Preferred Interconnect?

Use Now Plan to Add within 1 Year
InfiniBand 19% 26%
Fibre Channel (4- or 8-Gbit/s) 52% 23%
10GbE 24% 35%
FCoE in some form - 14%
Other 5% 2%
Source: Byte and Switch

It seems just a handful of readers are contemplating FCoE -- and 60 percent won't consider it in pre-standard form. Compare that to what readers told us back in February regarding their thoughts on the new protocol. It seems the standards issue looms large in most respondents' minds.

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