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Plymouth Healthcare Adds Falconstor

LONDON -- FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), the market leader in disk-based data protection solutions, today announced that the Plymouth Healthcare Community has deployed a FalconStorIPStor®solution to address challenges in its 18TB data centre. In addition to the peace of mind afforded by new business continuity capabilities, the community estimates that its IPStor virtualisation platform has reduced labour costs and time by the equivalent of one storage administrator while the flexibility of the storage system has directly saved £100k of capital investment through the redeployment of existing equipment and the capability to utilise cheaper storage.

Rob Harder, ICT Infrastructure Manager, Plymouth ICT Shared Service, said: "The FalconStor IPStor virtualisation platform has given the Plymouth ICT Shared Service the flexibility to deliver a cost effective data storage solution across our enterprise, enabling us to mix our limited capacity, high performing and relatively expensive disk arrays with our lower-end, inexpensive disk arrays in a highly resilient and high availability environment. Management and support overheads of our previous traditional storage area network have been reduced and routine maintenance access has greatly improved. Like our virtual server infrastructure, we have quickly become very reliant on the flexibility and capability that the IPStor platform can deliver."

The community's requirements for its new storage solution included: provisioning of storage to 120 virtual machines and 14 physical servers; the building-in of redundancy locally to provide protection against business disruption; simplifying the addition of new storage to cope with data growth; and the introduction of tiered storage where possible, using less expensive and slower disk storage if appropriate.

The IPStor-based solution delivers on all these requirements while simultaneously reducing the amount of storage administrator time needed to manage the infrastructure by the equivalent of one person, freeing up valuable time to be allocated to other projects. Plus, the use of a tiered storage strategy meant that much of the existing storage capacity could be re-used, saving around £100,000 in immediate, direct costs.

Andy Blofield, Head of Technology, Plymouth ICT Shared Service added:"The IPStor virtualisation platform implementation coupled with our investment in server virtualisation has provided a robust and scaleable architecture upon which we are now able to deliver our current operational services whilst implementing integrated National and local best of breed clinical and business applications."

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