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Playing Nice, the Standards Way

PHOENIX -- How many storage vendors does it take to plug a disk array into a heterogenous SAN?

The answer is: 14, for now. At a gathering today during the Storage Networking World tradeshow here, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) trotted out 10 storage array vendors and four switch vendors whose wares conform to its new interoperability standard.

The combined 108 products from these stalwarts will receive SNIAs much coveted logo in conspicuous appreciation of their compliance with its Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S).

Ah, the warmth! The camraderie... “This brings together vendors who are in the street competing for market share,” says Ray Dun, chairman of the SNIA Storage Management Forum, who also works at Sun Microsystems.

“Most of you in the audience are family,” said Roger Reich of Veritas Software, who chairs SNIA's SMI committee. [Ed. note: Stop! I'm welling up!]

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