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Olympian Thanks

On this day of roses and chocolates, we can thank our lucky storage stars that this newsletter (and the Byte and Switch Website) are not being brought to you by NBC.

NBC... You know, the pathos-sodden broadcaster that is coloring every Olympic moment it can in shades of Hallmark.

Sadly, despite its best efforts, this networks human interest sidebars of hardship, woe, and sacrifice are leaving me cold – not more connected to the athletes and activities half a world away. Must-flee TV.

Still, there are possibilities here for shaking up the storage world. Think people with great hair asking the questions. Imagine Bob Costas probing the intricacies of virtualization: "So Mr. Tucci, was it the new scoring system that led you to drop your ILM coach to take up with Invista?"

You can practically hear ex-Brocade exec Greg Reyes at the downhill starting line, telling Mary Carillo, "I'm super-stoked." Or a QLogic exec panting into the camera: “We don’t care who gets the 4-gig credit. It’s about teamwork!”

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