• 07/19/2006
    8:22 PM
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The Normalcy of War

We're at war ??? again. No kidding. It seems that life in Israel is the stuff that happens between battles and bombings. Only what's so strange about the Lebanon war, at least for this Jerusalem-based journalist, is how normal it...

We will win this war that's been thrust on us. It won't be pretty. There will be civilians causalities and we'll cry over each one of them. But that choice was never really given to us. The moment that Hamas and Hezbollah pursued their megalomaniac interests they chose the opening. We'll determine the end-game.

In so doing, we will perform a great service to ourselves, the Lebanese, and the rest of the democratic world by dismembering those who's goals are precisely to disrupt the normal operations of ourselves. Call them Al-Queda, Hizbollah or Hamas.

And then when it's all over. We'll go "click" and jump from images on CNN of bombed out Beirut and Haifa and to what's really important ??? the local soccer scores.

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