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Nice Town You Got There

5:50 PM -- SNIA End User Council Town Hall Meeting... Sounds inviting and cozy, doesn't it? I thought so too when I saw it on the Storage Networking World program last week in San Diego. So I penciled it in, got there a little early, did the ooze and schmooze.

The lights go down, and Wendy Betts, chair of the SNIA End User Council, welcomes everyone, introduces the other council members, and invites everyone to grab a beer and some finger food that has just been rolled in. I'm too busy gnawing on my SNW '07 commemorative ballpoint pen to care about the mozzarella sticks and Bud Light. Then Betts really brings the meeting to order with this curveball:

"This meeting is for end-users only. All press and analysts are requested to leave the room now."

I sink down in my seat for a moment, and contemplate ignoring the invitation to leave. Unfortunately, I've already outted myself as a member of the press to the attendees around me. I gather up my stuff and skulk toward the door -- storage's version of the perp walk.

My nose is not seriously out of joint about this. I'll fill another blog sometime about the many fun places I've been thrown out of. But this was pretty ham-handed. And of course, as a publication that writes to and for end-users, it's a shame and a missed opportunity not to be able to get our core readers on the record.

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