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NextPage Gives Results

DRAPER, Utah -- NextPage today announced the immediate availability of a study detailing research into the deployment and enforcement of document retention and deletion policies. According to the study, jointly created with CXO Media, enterprises in diverse industries are experiencing a large gap between theory and practice when it comes to document retention and disposal.

The research study, based on the responses of 108 IT professionals, indicates that only 62 percent of the companies surveyed have a document retention policy in place. Of that 62 percent, only 31 percent actively enforce the policy and
61 percent responded that fewer than half of their employees are adhering to their published retention policies. Given that 80 percent of corporate documents typically exist on individual hard drives, according to another CXO Research Services Group study, document retention and deletion polices are failing to account for most of an organization's documents.

"The overwhelming majority of document retention polices are not working where they are needed most, at the desktop," said Darren Lee, President and Chief

Executive Officer, NextPage. "We see this failure primarily as a result of two
factors: first, end-users are simply unaware of the number of copies and different versions of company documents residing on their hard drives, in their email archives or on removable storage devices; and second, adherence to many document retention and deletion policies requires help from technology and end-users haven't had any tools to make compliance to the policy possible."