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NextIO I/O Virtualization Solutions Now Support Intel's 1G And 10G Ethernet Controllers

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NextIO (, the premier provider of next-generation I/O solutions, today announced that its I/O virtualization (IOV) solutions now support Intel's 1G and 10G Ethernet Controllers. NextIO is the industry leader in providing intelligent, rack-optimized I/O virtualization solutions based on high-performance PCI Express (PCIe) switching technology.

NextIO's Express Connect products enable controllers to be virtualized and shared across physical servers in a variety of form factors, including blade and rack servers. With NextIO, any I/O can connect to any server, operating system, hypervisor and storage architecture, using existing, unmodified applications and off-the-shelf software. NextIO's IOV products reduce CAPEX spending by 70 percent or more and deliver an unprecedented combination of benefits, including low cost, lower power consumption, greater ease of use, and greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

"With this announcement, NextIO continues to lead the industry in PCIe-based IOV by demonstrating our support for numerous vendors' Ethernet and Fibre Channel solutions," said K.C. Murphy, CEO, NextIO. "Supporting multiple controllers, such as Intel's 1G and 10G, helps NextIO address a wide range of market needs and applications."

"Intel Ethernet adapters are broadly deployed in the industry and are ideal for today's virtualized servers," said Steve Schultz, Director of Marketing, Intel LAN Access Division. "Support for Intel's 10GbE adapters by companies, such as NextIO, provides customers with more high-performance options for rack and blade servers."

NextIO will demonstrate its support for Intel Ethernet controllers at the 2009 VMworld conference in San Francisco, August 31 - September 3.