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NEW! Salisbury University

Universities today find their students are demanding users when it comes to storage and other IT resources.

That makes it mandatory for universities to keep their information technology up to date, says Jerome Waldron, CIO of Salisbury University in Maryland.

Our admissions dean told me last fall, ‘The main question we’re getting on the road is, Where’s your wireless map?' I said, ‘Is that the main technology question, or the main question?' She said, ‘The main question. The first thing they want to know is, Where can we get connected?' "

Salisbury students probably don't worry as much about the SAN. That's Waldron's job. But whether they know it or not, all of the university's 7,000 students and 500 faculty have their email and other files on networked storage systems. Besides increasing uptime, reducing operating costs by consolidating servers, and making it easier to manage the infrastructure, Salisbuy's SAN lets Waldron give students enough personal storage to grow into over their tenure at the college.

The original purpose of the SAN was to host data from its PeopleSoft financial system in 2002, but the university has come to rely on it for all data retention.

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