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New And Notable On Network Computing

It's been a busy year for our IT staff. We've moved to a new platform that is more stable and faster. We have a new commenting system in place, and we are adding more kinds of content. Network Computing Pro, once a subscription service, is now free (registration required). And we'll have more changes in the coming months. All of these changes have been part of a long process, but one that lets us bring you more and better news, views and actionable information. Now I'd like to hear from you. What do you want to see? What can we do better? We'll try to incorporate your changes.

Network Computing Pro, which provides access to hundreds of unique research articles, technical reports, market analysis and design guides, is free. Our independent experts are consultants and IT professionals who are neck-deep in technology every day, and they bring their expertise to everything they write. Just register and start downloading. Be sure to use the filters on the left hand nav bar. You can filter by topic, report type or date range. Check out what we have to offer, and, if you like it, sign up. It's free. It's good stuff. You like free, right?

We also have a new commenting system in place, using Disqus. Our previous commenting system didn't work well, and we felt your pain. When you want to say something, you want to say it now and not jump through hoops. Hopefully, you will find Disqus easier to use and engage with us. With Disqus, you can create a profile, add an avatar or link to one you already use, and keep in touch across networks. I know we value your comments, particularly when you challenge our assumptions and our conclusions. Keep them coming. We're listening and responding.

We have an iPad app that will bring Network Computing content right to your iPad or iPhone. It will be a better experience than the mobile site on the iPad. If you are not using an iPad, the mobile site has been revamped to bring you the site content in a lightweight format that loads quickly and is easy on the eyes.

We have added new sections for Slide Shows thich provides a pictorial story. We have a couple of different types posted, and I'm interested in which topics you like and which topics you'd like us to cover. We have some screen-shot-based slideshows covering thetop Android apps for IT and a series of screen shots from the Bluestacks Android emulator. We also have some photos from Facebook's data center initiatives, and a subset of slides from an OpenFlow presentation I gave earlier in the year. Got a topic you'd like more input on? Let me know in the comments section or send me an email.

We've revamped our video player to bring in current content from around Techweb so it is easy to locate current videos from interviews, trade shows and product reviews. We are planning on doing more interviews with movers and shakers in the industry, as well as with your peers on the topics they are facing.

We have made other changes on the back end to make the site more reliable and responsive, and we aren't done yet. The first step was to make Network Computing IPv6 capable. Our IT department is working to migrate all of Techweb to IPv6 in the future.

It's a long list of changes this year, but we can do more. What would you like to see? Sure, I can review my web analytics and make educated guesses as to what is working or not, but I'd rather hear from you, the professionals who consume our content.