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NetApp Intros Rapid Deployment

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) today announced Rapid Deployment Services+ (RDS+), a new suite of service offerings from NetApp Global Services that offers resellers and customers a new level of modularity and flexibility when deploying NetApp FAS and V-Series systems. RDS+ builds upon the original Rapid Deployment Services offering by providing a high level of flexibility thanks to its base solution and optional add-on components. This combination better addresses varying customer deployment requirements while maintaining a streamlined sales process for resellers.

Customer benefits include:

  • More flexibility: With the ability to choose from a variety of FAS and V-Series add-on components in addition to the production-ready base service, customers are able to tailor their storage system to meet their specific business needs.
  • Faster time to deployment: Without the need for a statement of work (SOW), customers are able to have their new, tailored storage system up and running in as few as four days versus weeks or months.
  • Higher quality and consistency of service delivery: With newly defined deliverables, customers will better understand their solution and how best to utilize it.

Reseller benefits include:

  • Streamlined sales process: With NetApp’s new eGenerator desktop application, resellers are able to more quickly generate service briefs, creating a more efficient sales process for increased business.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: With the ability to offer customized add-on components, resellers are better able to meet customer needs by providing a tailored storage system implementation.
  • Improved service delivery: Resellers are able to provide consistent, predictable, and repeatable implementations for a better customer experience.
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