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Mobilizing Business - And IT

Right before our very eyes, the world is changing, and the way we do business is evolving right along with it. As we individuals, we are cutting our ties to conventional wired networks, and increasingly relying on their wireless counterparts. And business is following suit, with the adoption of more sophisticated devices that take advantage of the flexibility mobility allows.
Of course, this poses some interesting challenges for IT professionals who are finding themselves saddled with managing a corporate network which is serving a mix of both fixed and mobile devices. Sometimes end users will be accessing the network using non-corporate issued devices. And the network itself may be wireless .

I could go on all day about the potential business benefits of going mobile. Wireless technologies give companies the means to can extend their reach into new market areas, reduce costs, improve employee productivity, and give employees increased flexibility. But first and foremost companies need to make sure the technology is manageable.

IT professionals have plenty of tools and technologies at their disposal to manage those connections effectively and securely. But none of those tools are of any use unless IT and the business side of the house are on the same page.

There is some evidence that business and IT are working better together than in the past. That teamwork is particularly important in a case such as mobility where traditional physical borders disappear and so many users are ahead of their enterprise.

Drop me a line and let me know how mobility is working in your organization.