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Mirror, Mirror...

5:00 PM -- It's nice to see Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 team hasn't been dawdling since the database application's release last November. (See Microsoft Services SQL Server .)

Five months after shipping, Microsoft today released a service pack that includes the feature enterprise users have been waiting for: database mirroring. (See Vendors Line Up Behind SQL Sequel.) Database mirroring logs new data on two databases and recovers instantly from the secondary database if the primary one crashes.

It is an essential feature for enterprises looking for high availability, and critical for Microsoft's ability to compete with the likes of Oracle and IBM DB2 as an enterprise database.

Database mirroring was considered a major selling point of SQL Server 2005, but didn't make the cut when Microsoft released it last November.

In its press release today, Microsoft tells us the first service patch "delivers production-ready database mirroring" for continuous availability. Microsoft assures us this is true because database mirroring has been "extensively" tested by Microsoft and about 20 beta customers.

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