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Microsoft Releases Early Exchange 12 Beta

An early beta of Exchange Server 12 will go out to some 1,400 OEM, ISV, and partner testers on Wednesday, Microsoft said.

Exchange Server 12, or E-12, is the planned successor to the current Exchange Server 2003. A broader beta 2 is due in the middle of next year, with final code expected in late 2006 or early 2007, said Megan Kidd senior product manager.

The "private" beta is not feature complete but will focus on three key areas, said Jeff Ressler, director of product planning for Exchange Server.

As company executives have already said, the Sever will be parsed into five role-based modules. There will be a mailbox database role, a client access role and others all for handling different parts of the environment. "The administrator will determine these at set up and choose which role to put on each machine, one, all or several," Ressler noted.

New management perks will include a graphical Exchange system manager to ease dealing with large lists of objects, and which will reduce nesting and offer more efficient filtering, Ressler said.

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