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Look Deeply Into My Packet

Joining network diagnostics as a theme for next week's Networld + Interop show will be packet-based application acceleration, a technology idea being tackled on a number of different fronts.

From XML accelerators from DataPower to SSL offloaders from Radware, application-accelerating appliances will be all the rage on the show floor (don't you just love cliches like that), as vendors try to convince buyers that through the purchase of a single, non-intrusive box, you can speed network throughput, increase end-user performance, and enjoy a tasty, low-carb dessert
without guilt or onerous capex increases.

OK, we're lying. There is no such thing as a tasty, low-carb dessert.

But to IT professionals looking to boost their network performance, the packet-based appliances might be worth a look. Maybe an experienced chef

can use the heat output from the appliance to whip up a show-floor souffle. Can you tell it's past time for lunch here at blog central?

And, It's Friday

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