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Linux A-List Call for Entries.

Okay, so over a year ago Lori and I did a huge set of articles on the state of Linux.
After that we set up the "Linux A-List", where you and I could recommend high-quality Linux-based applications to other users.
Then I promptly forgot about it. So now I'm working on getting it running again, getting ideas put together so that we are all sharing our favorite tools and utilities, hopefully giving each of us a more enjoyable experience.
So if you use Linux and have a favorite program to recommend (Open Source or Commercial, we don't care), head here and let the rest of us Penguin Heads know: Linux A-List
Seriously, spread the word about what works best for you, it only takes a few seconds, and it costs you nothing. I'll be updating things over the next week or two, after I solicit input from other Penguin-heads I know.