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Keeping IT 'Green' This Summer

I like summer. Its a time to do some fishing – including outings with some IT people who prefer being on the water over being on green golf courses. When not relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, summer is also a good time to review technology strategies and reflect on trends and industry initiatives.

One such initiative that is getting attention reminiscent of the run-up to Y2K is the “greening” of IT. The supplier blitz ranges from holistic awareness campaigns encompassing technologies, best practices, asset disposal, energy consumption, corporate citizenship, or assessment services, to specific articles, white papers, and blogs about how to “cash in" on the “greening” of IT.

It's more like a “greenwash” of IT in a color to match the U.S. currency.

Don’t get me wrong. Real green initiatives are valid, and I’m a fan of green stories that address data and storage management effectiveness as well as real efficiency – as opposed to virtual efficiency in which the storage and data problem is simply moved elsewhere.

Real green stories involve optimizing data center cooling and air flow and leveraging advisory services from vendors like Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) and IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), among others. There are also improvements that can be made by reducing data footprint as well as replacing older, less performance-efficient and power-hungry IT equipment.

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