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It's All Cool

Experts at last weeks Afcom Data Center World conference in Las Vegas warned that users run the risk of unscheduled downtime, particularly with the increased heat produced by new blade server technologies (see Data Center Heat Wave).

Now, technologies that could provide a solution to the problem of overheating are coming onto the market. Blade server specialist Verari Systems Inc., formerly RackSaver Inc., recently announced that it has successfully patented the technology behind its Vertical Cooling System (VCS), which uses an unorthodox method to draw heat away from blade servers.

VCS works by cooling the servers from bottom to top, rather than the traditional front-to-back method. This provides a much-needed cooling boost for the blades, according to Verari CEO David Driggers.

“Since we’re drawing air up from beneath the cabinet, we have up to four times the airflow. This is then recirculated out the top,” says Driggers.

The idea was original enough to earn two patents, from which Verari hopes to profit. “With the status now moved from 'patent pending' to 'patented' we have the opportunity to license this technology to other companies,” says Driggers.

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