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IT Leadership: More Than Just Bits

LAS VEGAS -- Interop -- The IT industry is facing a looming leadership crisis caused by lack of business skills, according to attendees at the CIO Bootcamp event that kicked off this years Interop conference in Las Vegas.

Addressing over 100 CIOs and IT managers from across the US, Thornton May, the executive director of the IT Leadership Academy warned that the next generation of IT chiefs lack the requisite mix of skills needed to make the step up to Chief Information Officer. (Ed. note: Or maybe it's that they just don't know you're always supposed to split 8s.)

May added that, for aspiring CIOs, success will depend on how many different business disciplines they can master. Traditionally, however, CIOs have taken a much more insular approach to their careers. “In the past they were in the bunker, they were in the data center,” he said.

But, increasingly, CIOs are being called on to come up with answers to broader business challenges in areas such as HR and finance, which means that the CIO needs a much broader set of skills than just technology.

Perhaps some of the answers to this problem could be found in the US military. “I think that the U.S. government does a good job when it comes to training up future CIOs, said an IT manager from the government sector, who... surprise... asked not to be named. Specifically, he highlighted the work done by the Army’s signals corps and the Navy and Air Force graduate schools which run specific courses for budding CIOs.

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