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Imperva Creates Ecosystem

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Imperva, the leader in application data security and compliance, today announced Imperva OpenSphere, the industry’s first solution eco-system for delivering comprehensive data security and compliance solutions. OpenSphere enables organizations to deploy SecureSphere® solutions together with pre-integrated third party products, content and information feeds, delivery platforms and best practices. The result is that customers can create a customized and interlocking framework that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of their data security and compliance efforts. The first members of OpenSphere are Crossbeam Systems, Ounce Labs, and SenSage.

According to Gartner, Inc., “A variety of complementary and sometimes overlapping monitoring and analysis tools help enterprises better detect and investigate suspicious activity — often with real-time alerting or transaction intervention … But, each of these tools varies in the scope of monitoring source coverage and, while complementary, they don't necessarily interoperate.”1

Four Categories of Integration

OpenSphere provides four points of integration that lay the groundwork for comprehensive and efficient data security and compliance deployment.

  • ContentIn – partners that contribute content such as best practice templates, application structure definitions, vulnerability data, etc. to tailor a SecureSphere deployment to a specific environment. Example: Ounce Labs.
  • 1