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How Soon Is Now?

There seem to be as many opinions on de-duplication as there are different ways to approach the technology, from inline to post-processing, or even a combination of the two.

Then there are all the other challenges associated with the technology; performance, unified versus siloed de-dupe, and, critically, when to actually de-duplicate data.

One of the hottest debates in data de-duplication is when should the process be done?” explains George Crump, president of analyst firm Storage Switzerland , in his latest opinion piece for Byte and Switch. “Should it be done in-line as data is being ingested or as part of a post process after the initial send of the backup job completes?”

For a more in-depth discussion of de-dupe timing, check out Crump’s latest column, which is the second in a four-part series exploring de-dupe technology.Have a comment on this story? Please click "Discuss" below. If you'd like to contact Byte and Switch's editors directly, send us a message.

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