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How to Shop for a SAN

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Storage Networking World (SNW) -- Buying a SAN is rarely easy or cheap, but University of Pennsylvania IT senior director Donna Manley today gave an Ivy Leaguer's take on making it shorter and less painful financially.

Manley says her university started the internal process of planning for a SAN in September 2005, purchased the SAN Dec. 31, and had it installed in June in what she termed an "aggressive" timeframe.

"Implementing a SAN is not a small time or small money investment," says Manley, who worked in banking for most of her career. "It's an interesting process for me, coming from the corporate side to the non-profit sector."

Despite any financial constraints imposed by the university, Manley and her team decided to stay out of the discount bin.

"You have to decide, are you going to shop at Nordstrom, or are you going to shop at Wal-Mart," she says. "We made a conscious choice to go with the top three vendors."

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