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How much is too much?

Okay, so today if I need more storage, I can:
- Add more disks to my SAN or NAS array.
- Add more arrays to my network.
- Move to a vendor that handles more disks.
- Increase disk sizes to half a Gigabyte.

Seriously, at this point how much more do we need?

I can pick up a terabyte of SOHO NAS for 1 thousand dollars. Most SOHOs don't have anywhere near a terabyte of data, so what is the point?

Same is true with the Uber-SANs. There is an incredibly small market that needs multiple petabytes of data, the rest of us, even the insurance and utilities crowd, can live with multiple terabytes.

Double the requirements for replication. There you go. Most organizations don't need more than twenty terabytes or so, and we've technologically caught up with the current rate of growth.

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