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Healthy SAN Manages Change

The phrase change is good” probably wasn’t coined by a SAN administrator.

Michael Passe, storage architect for the Boston-based CareGroup Healthcare System, a network of medical centers and hospitals, found change necessary because of rapid storage growth over the years. Managing that change hasn’t always been a good experience, though.

HealthCare’s SAN grew from less than 1 Tbyte in 1999 to 50 Tbytes today, mostly due to new applications and steady growth of email and documents to support 13,000 employees, along with patient records and other medical data. Passe says he’s gone from six servers to 35, including seven file servers with about 1 TByte of data apiece.

To keep up, Passe has done his share of hardware upgrades. He switched from Brocade Communications Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BRCD) switches to Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) directors and migrated his data onto new EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC)
Clariions. He’s currently migrating storage from mainframes and an old EMC Symmetrix to a new Symmetrix DMX800. And when he finishes that, he plans an email archive project onto EMC Celera CAS systems he just bought.

To make all those changes manageable for him and CareGroup’s other storage admin (yes, there are just two!), he turned to Onaro Inc.’s SANscreen change management software.

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