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'Green' Storage Requires No Hardware

SAN FRANCISCO -- In addition to "Iraqi peace plan" or "Paris Hilton modesty" we can add the phrase "green storage" to today's list of oxymorons.

That was the upshot of a conference keynote this morning given by Jon Toigo, who weighed the merits of allegedly green storage options like consolidation, higher density disks, virtualization, thin provisioning, de-dupe, and MAID and found them all wanting. They've all just been repackaged by marketers anxious to demonstrate their eco-consciousness, said the CEO of Toigo Partners International.

"Green is this year's black, and vendors are fighting to say who has the greenest products of all," Toigo told the Storage Decisions audience this morning. "But we're going to fix the energy problem by throwing more hardware at it? That doesn't make sense."

Instead of exercising any spending power, the firebrand consultant urged storage buyers to adopt a green strategy built more around common sense and addressing root causes.

"What's needed is an organized program of data hygiene to detect and remove orphaned and contraband data on a routine basis," Toigo said. He then outlined these three aspects of an "intelligent data archiving" program:

  • "The delete key [on your PC keyboard] is the greenest key in your environment. Use it."
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