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Google: We'll Sue AT&T If We Have To

Google is playing hardball when it comes to net neutrality -- it's now threatening to file anti-trust suits against AT&T and any other telco that abuse their power if no net neutrality law passes Congress.
One of the founders of the Internet (and now Google employee) Vinton Cerf said earlier this week that he was unhappy that net neutrality is apparently headed for defeat.

He added that he worried that without net neutrality guarantees, telcos may use their power to threaten competitors, most notably Google.

"We will have to wait and see whether or not there actually is any abuse," Reuters quotes him as saying.

He added, "We are worried that some of the broadband service providers...will attempt to use their control over broadband transport facilities to interfere with services of competitors."

If that happens, he says, "We will make known our case to the Department of Justice's anti-trust division."

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