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Google Should Force AOL to Open AIM

AOL has long refused to let AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) talk to other IM clients for a simple reason: It dominates IM, and if AIM talked to other clients, AOL would no longer rule the roost. But now that Google owns a chunk of AOL, it should force the company to open up AIM.
At a minimum, I expect that AIM will interoperate with Google Talk, Google's well-designed but moribund IM app. An IM app is only as useful as the number of people who use it. Use Google Talk, and all you'll hear is a deafening silence. But with AIM interoperability, it'll become incredibly popular.

Google should force AOL to go beyond just talking with Google Talk, though. AOL should open up AIM to all comers. Several years ago, it promised to do just that, then backed out on the promise. Maybe the Google deal will finally force AOL to live up to its promises.