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Google Gets Book-Scanning Wrong

Google's project to scan and make the full text of millions of books on the Internet searchable is a noble idea --- but the way Google is going about it is arrogant and wrong-headed.
At first, Google went to publishers, and asked them which copyrighted books the publishers wanted to make available this way. That's fine. But when Google wasn't happy because the publishers weren't submitting enough books for Google's hungry maw, it did an end-around, and is now going directly to libraries, and scanning the copyrighted books without the publishers' permission.
That's flat-out wrong. It's digital piracy, and not much different than the file-sharers who download copyrighted music, books, and movies without paying for them. Maybe it's worse --- Google will make money off the venture, while the file-sharers don't.
The issue will most likely end up in the courts. But here's hoping that Google comes to its senses, and only makes available books that the publishers want to be available.