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Get Set for Server Savings

Lookout below! Server prices are falling, according to the latest quarterly server tracker from analyst firm IDC.

It’s definitely a good time to make a server investment. You can get some good deals,” says Hoang Nguyen, program director at IDC.

The news comes as a relief to users, who enjoyed a strong bargaining position when purchasing servers during the recent economic slowdown. Now, even as the server market picks up, prices are falling across many of the major technology areas.

Leonard Eckhaus, chairman of data center managers' organization Afcom, believes that users looking to expand their data centers should strike while the iron is hot: “If there’s going to be a need in the near term -- in the next six months or so -- then it makes sense to buy now.”

Unix servers offer some of the best deals, with prices falling 9 percent year-on-year. These are closely followed by machines based on x86 processors, which experienced an 8 percent price drop over the past year.

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