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FUD You need to be aware of.

Okay, every market has a certain amount of FUD in it, generally introduced by companies who know that their product is inferior or not what the market needs, so they attempt to confuse issues.
Storage is no exception, as a matter of fact, with the competition in every space for the enterprise dollars that are taking more and more of IT's infrastructure budget, I'd say storage is worse than most markets right now.
Never fear, Network Computing is here! There are some egregious lines that you're hearing or will soon hear, so before we all pack up for SNW, here is your list of FUD to know. Of course, we'll post more as we hear them...

1. Backing up files, and only files disk to disk is CDP.
- We say crap. Honestly, just because you are a big-name vendor doesn't mean you can put out inferior products and then claim no one else is doing what you are. Simply put, there are a lot of products out there that support databases and email, you would think that the vendors who wrote those database and email programs would support them. All business runs on databases and email, if you don't support them, then you are not enterprise class.

2. Products that do only Storage Virtualization are in fact Intelligent Fiber Channel Switches.
- We call you a liar. And we call any writer or analyst that backs up your ridiculous claim an idiot.
Intelligent Switching is typified - and has been from day one - by expandability, the ability to purchase it for one use today and add to the functionality in the future. Building a Virtualization appliance and plugging it into a switch is not Intelligence. Nor does it imply intelligence if you declare such a solution an "Intelligent Switch". We're sorry you wish it was, but please stop confusing our readers, and your potential customers.
3. FC disks are still a bargain.
- When I can RAID my data across multiple disks, even using complete copy RAID, and it is cheaper than FC, there is very little reason for me to buy FC disks And SAS is going to accelerate the trend, so quit trying to convince us just because you make more off of FC disks, okay?
Of course, I don't expect the vendors to listen, but now you, the reader, have some good points to bring up with their sales people, right?