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Fear Factor

9:4 AM -- Still clenching those IT budget dollars? Suppliers warn of dire consequences. You might even land in jail! Listen to FileNet Corp. (Nasdaq: FILE):

    FileNet to Highlight Risks of Non-Compliance With Records Management Regulations During Nationwide Mock Trial Tour

    FileNet, along with Fujitsu Consulting and Network Appliance, is
    sponsoring a nationwide "mock trial" tour to demonstrate what happens
    when companies fail to retain and dispose of corporate documents
    properly, including electronic records.

Bring it on. FileNet and friends will reveal the worst in New York City, Chicago, and Washington this month and next:

    Lead [sic]by expert attorneys on information management and records retention
    law, this unique event offers observers the opportunity to view the real-life drama that can unfold when companies don't comply with records
    management regulations. The trial will take place in real-time with no
    scripts. The witnesses have been thoroughly briefed and are prepared to
    respond in a hostile environment.

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