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Experts: Don't Believe Green IT Hype

ORLANDO, Fla. -- IT managers need to claw through the hype surrounding Green IT if they want to get their power costs under control, according to users here today.

Talking green is easy, but being green is difficult,” warned Dave Vellante, senior storage analyst at the Wikibon research and user group, during a presentation this morning. “Smart companies can cut through the hype.”

Even technologies such as de-dupe, thin provisioning, and virtual storage, which are increasingly touted as a way to slash power and storage space costs, are no silver bullet, according to Vellante. “They are all tactics to improve utilization, but they do not solve the underlying problem. I would say that about 3 percent of the people that we speak to have visibility into what energy costs are in their data centers. Until that changes, it will be difficult to change the problem.”

A slew of vendors, including IBM, Xyratex, and 3PAR, are pushing technologies that aim to reduce data center power consumption, but Vellante urged users to get back to data center basics.

The analyst belives that users shouldn’t get lulled into a false sense of Green success with technologies like de-dupe, thin provisioning, and virtualization. These are ‘band-aids’ that will buy you some time, he explained, but won’t solve the root problem, which is poor data management.

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