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EMC Talks Disk & De-Dupe

ORLANDO, Fla. -- EMC World -- EMC unveiled announcements around de-duplication, backup, and VTL technology at its annual end-user event here today. (See Tucci Taps Virtuous Information, EMC Unveils Next-Gen Backup, and EMC Intros DL6000.)

Speaking during a keynote, EMC CEO Joe Tucci highlighted the changing storage landscape, which has many customers drowning in data. "When I started in this industry in the seventies, everything was measured in Mbytes -- a really big system had about 500 Mbytes," he said. "Now, we're measuring in Pbytes."

Tucci maintains that over the next three years virtually all data will be recovered from disk, as opposed to tape. This puts technologies like data de-duplication, which compresses data that appears in more than one place, in the spotlight. (See Analysis: Data De-Duping.)

High-End Disk Library

Given Tucci's comments, it's no surprise that EMC unveiled a high-capacity disk library.

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