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Dell Says 'We Also Do Dedupe'

As IT managers watch a bidding war take place over Data Domain, the storage vendor best known for its data deduplication technology, Dell wants to remind technology buyers that it also is a player in the storage market and has data reduction features that can help them reduce their data footprint and slow down the need to buy more capacity.

In a session with reporters today, Dell touted its "holistic approach" to data reduction that includes workshops, assessment and design services, and its ability to implement and manage such technologies. It also announced that its PowerVault DL2000 includes Simpana 8.0 software from partner CommVault that provides embedded block-level deduplication and improved management for virtualized environment.

Asked if Dell was trying to jump on the deduplication frenzy generated by the fight between NetApp and EMC for control of Data Domain, Brett Roscoe, senior manager of product marketing for enterprise storage at Dell, laughed and said the company had planned to make this announcement a long time.

"This is a point of view message," he said. "We're pushing a services-led approach to help customers understand where deduplication will benefit them the most and help them get the right technology for the job."

Dell says its research shows that most companies store too much data on expensive Tier 1 storage and that nearly half of all customer data files were more than 90 days old, taking up more than 35 percent of storage capacity. About 20 percent of the file data is duplicated. The result is too much spending on storage capacity and management, and a greater risk of recovery failure and compliance violations.

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