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Databank Taps Unitrends for DR

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Unitrends, a leading provider of innovative, integrated solutions that protect and restore critical data and systems, today announced that it is providing on the spot access to archived documents and has dramatically reduced the time for restoring lost IT systems for Databank Business Services, Inc., a leading provider of information management and security services. Databank has deployed Unitrends disk-to-disk Data Protection Units (DPUs) and Data Protection Vaults (DPVs) to ensure fast and reliable data protection and recovery for internal systems and its document management clients.

Databank, and customers subscribing to its services, needed on the spot access to local and archived data in addition to rapid recovery of systems, applications and data in the event of loss. Databank’s existing tape-based backup system was inefficient, time consuming and unreliable. “We knew it was time to upgrade to a proven and dependable disk-based solution, and Unitrends was the obvious choice,” said Cameron Sauce, Databank’s Operations Manager. “The Unitrends solution provides super fast data access and Bare Metal capabilities that can restore not only our complete system in about an hour, but the systems of our customers. It was amazingly affordable and has already outperformed our expectations, restoring critical systems and data flawlessly.”

Unitrends’ DPU is a fully-integrated disk-based backup and rapid disaster recovery appliance that provides bare metal restoration and rebuilds complete systems, typically in less than one hour. It’s easy-to-use and can be configured to only back up new or changed files, ensuring that the entire environment is recoverable to a set point in time while optimizing backup window efficiency. For added disaster recovery protection, Databank uses a Unitrends’ DPV to replicate data to its off-site vault and to support its portfolio of image capture, archive and viewing applications. Customers can retrieve data within minutes, and Databank administrators can remotely access the appliance and recover data from a distance, increasing productivity and streamlining business processes.

“The shorter backup cycle allows me to conduct multiple backups a day, instead of just one per night, further protecting our data,” added Sauce. “With Unitrends, we’ve been able to increase productivity and create a new revenue stream by offering our customers a new disaster recovery service.”

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